Josh Nelson
Josh Nelson

Roots Director

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Josh Nelson, Roots and Reboot Program Director, facilitates every unique retreat experience with top clinical and educational specialists.


B.A. English

From: Brigham Young University

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Josh Nelson has a deep, and extensive background in wilderness therapy, having grown up around some of the very first wilderness programs. For the past 16 years Josh has been working in the wilderness therapy, and mental health industry. For the last 5 years he has worked extensively in developing, facilitating, and running experiential therapy programs. His training and experience bring a unique vision and insight into supporting others in their therapeutic journey.

Josh believes that compassion, empathy, and connection provide the foundation for healing, and person growth. Along with Shayne and Sheri Gallagher, and their collective 50 years of mental health and therapeutic experience, Josh has developed the Roots Therapeutic Workshop program to support and guide others as they seek personal growth, and step into the dynamic and essential work of healing.

Also, Josh is a writer for the WinGate therapy programs, who specializes in writing about the power of nature and the wilderness in mental health and healing. Josh writes articles, blog posts, presentations, and experiential therapy programming for WinGate Wilderness Therapy and Expanse Wilderness programs.

Josh earned a B.A. in English from Brigham Young University in 2005