Wilderness Programfor Young Adults

  • Our Students

    Young Adults Ages 18-28

  • Our Location

    Wilderness Range, UT

  • Our Mission

    Help Struggling Young Adults
    Find Their Purpose

"With over 30 years of wilderness success, we know how to help struggling young adults find the reason to change."

— Shayne Gallagher, Co-Founder

John Cohen, Clinical Director
Wilderness Therapy Commercial
WinGate Wilderness Overview

We Help Struggling
Young Adults
Purpose and Healing

The Leader In
Wilderness Therapy

WinGate Expanse offers an effective alternative to traditional treatment programs centered primarily around talk therapy. We offer a very unique therapeutic model that has been proven to help young adults struggling to find their way in a difficult and demanding world.

Wilderness therapy is a powerful therapeutic experience for those battling with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, depression, substance abuse, personal motivation issues, poor executive skills, identity issues, and sexual orientation among many other challenging situations and diagnoses.

Call Today to Start Your
Journey to Success: (800) 685-3059

Two female Expanse Wilderness students

Call Today to Start Your Journey to Success: (800) 685-3059


At Expanse Wilderness, our students engage life in a way that brings about powerful change. Each story is unique, but the results are often the same – a profound reconnection to what’s most important.

Watch the stories of Katrina, Mayra, Olivia and Joe as they talk about their lives before and after Expanse. To understand, you simply have to experience it.

Meet Our Team

Best in the Industry

With over 30 years of combined experience, our team of professional clinicians, field staff, admissions and medical personnel provide the highest level of care possible.

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At Expanse Wilderness our clinical team is crucial to the success of each student. Understanding the dynamics of treatment in a true wilderness setting sets them apart from our competition.

Clinical Staff

Our Admissions team is our main point of contact for prospective students and parents. Each member of our team is a true family advocate, dedicated to finding long term solutions.

Admissions Team

Each member of our Field Staff team has to go through extensive training before they are ready to assist our students in the field. It is a rigorous process, but necessary for the safety of all.

Field Staff

The medical personnel at Expanse are in touch with students daily, providing necessary check-ups and making sure everyone is fully hydrated and in top medical condition.

Medical Personnel

We Help Young Adults
Find Their Path Forward
And Regain Their Life

Expanse Wilderness is a premier wilderness program, designed to help young adults discover the tools that will help them overcome the behavioral, mental and emotional barriers that are holding them back from living a productive and meaningful life. We offer therapy, life-coaching, career assessment training and primitive skill building. This is the adventure your heart has been needing.

The Wilderness
As Teacher

It is impossible to capture, on paper, the experience of being out in the desert, lying in a warmsleeping bag while staring at the starry sky after a long and satisfying hike; or listening to the wind whistle through the juniper trees. It stimulates all the senses, and awakens you to feeling healthy and alive!