Helping Young Adults Navigate Life

Welcome to Expanse Wilderness, the premier Young Adult treatment program nestled in the heart of Utah’s majestic wilderness landscape. For years our program has been run alongside WinGate Wilderness, a prestigious adolescent program, which has been the standard for Wilderness therapy for over a decade.

We believe Expanse will give your young adult the greatest chance at living a healthy, fulfilled life. I promise they will be loved and guided during their stay here… it is our mission and purpose to help them.
– Shayne Gallagher Founder/Executive Director, Expanse

Over the past 5 years, the need for a more expanded version of our Young Adult program (serving students ages 18-28) increased dramatically. Today’s complex climate, with all of the pressures surrounding the world stage, social media, our current pandemic and a myriad of other pressures, more young adults are failing to transition healthily into adulthood; sabotaged by feelings of anxiety, depression or a lack of self-worth, they are getting caught up in poor patterns of behavior and being led down paths of destruction and pain.

Expanse is helping these struggling young adults discover how to overcome the mounting challenges that are hindering their growth and potential. We do this through a series of purposeful therapeutic processes, and with the critical component of a true wilderness experience.

In This Powerful Setting

By living full-time in the outdoors, away from all other stimuli and distractions, our students are free from the social and emotional burdens that have occupied their decision making process and weighed them down. In this powerful setting, surrounded by professional clinicians, medical personnel and highly trained field staff, they are able to make connections between the life they have been living and the one they know they should be pursuing.

Our program is relational in nature. We believe the way we view and treat our relationships, both with ourselves and the people around us, deeply influence the choices we make. If we can see those relationships in a clearer perspective and learn to value them in a more appropriate and meaningful way, it will alter the way we act and influence the outcomes of our lives.

At Expanse, we love what we do. Our team have all been trained specifically for this type of therapeutic environment, and we are the best in the industry at providing a true wilderness experience.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our crew of caring professionals love what they do. By utilizing the power of the wilderness experience, our team of experts, clinicians and medical personnel, all offer effective, short term treatment options for young adults in desperate need of help. Our proven outdoor treatment program is unlike any of our competitors and provides multidisciplinary treatment solutions that are safe, effective, and clinically sound.

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