Roots Intensive workshops help you discover
what's holding you back from living a full life.
Do you feel lost and untethered to your true self?
Are you stuck and spinning your wheels?

We all struggle as we confront the challenges of life, but often we are uncertain as to why we approach our challenges the way we do. In order to answer these questions it may be necessary to get to the "root" of our emotions.

What is a Roots Intensive?

Roots is a 3-day personal growth and healing program offered by WinGate Therapy Programs, which focuses on healing past and present trauma through experiential therapy, psycho-education, and psychodrama. This multidimensional approach guides and supports clients as they reconnect to the most fundamental part(s) of themselves, and provides a dynamic therapeutic and growth experience.

Through compassionately re-experiencing our past wounds, Roots provides an accessible and compassionate way in which you can heal the past, forge a new path, and surge forward in your therapeutic journey.

A Powerful, Immersive Experience

3 Day Live Intensive

Our 3 Day in person intensive allows you to truly immerse yourself in the roots experience. Our live intensives offer a unique atmosphere for discovery and self-reflection, guided by experienced clinicians and facilitators who are expert in their field.

Call today to learn more about our Roots Intensive and discover for yourself why this may be just the getaway you need to finally get in touch with the things that have been slowing you down.

Stop Living Below Your Potential.

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