Let Us Help Your Clients with Today's
Most Effective Wilderness Treatment

When your client has a son or daughter in need of help, you have a trusted treatment partner in Expanse Wilderness. With over 30 years of success in the field of relational and adventure therapy, we are committed to helping your clients find freedom from behavioral, addictive, or co-occurring mental health disorders that are negatively influencing their lives. We offer the most comprehensive evidence-based treatment and recovery solutions available and would love to collaborate with you to ensure your client’s continuity of care.

Working Together for Success

Expanse’s wilderness program offers a comprehensive continuum of top-level treatment, services, and resources to help your clients discover the keys to long lasting change. By continually identifying best clinical practices, we are focused on improving patient outcomes, lowering costs, and achieving the highest patient satisfaction. Our goal is to offer the best therapeutic environment, with the highest instance of recovery, at the lowest possible cost.

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