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Josh has over 18 years of experience working in wilderness therapy. He began his career leading wilderness expeditions for adjudicated youth in order to provide perspective and opportunity to kids who were lost to the legal system. He then went on to facilitate backcountry programs with fathers and sons who wanted a meaningful, bonding experience.

Josh has enjoyed instructing leadership courses with high school graduates in preparation for college enrollment, environmental education courses for middle school and high school students, and led countless families through meaningful challenge course experiences. In 2003, Josh found wilderness therapy and spent the next four years as a field guide working with students and families. He was recognized for his dedication and passion and brought in to help build and launch a young adult wilderness treatment program in North Carolina where he served as a program director.

During this time, Josh had the great privilege of presenting on the magic of wilderness therapy at a number of professional conferences around the country. Josh began guiding families through the admissions process in 2010, and has worked as the admission director for a respected wilderness therapy program since 2012.

Josh is a proud father of two active and amazing boys. Becoming a father was one of the most rewarding positions he could have asked for. Seeing his boys grow and experience life is a great pleasure for Josh, each and every day.

"Sharing my experience and passion fills my heart. Knowing that I have the opportunity every day to make a difference in someone's life is a true blessing. I enjoy working with families and am eager to educate and work hard for parents and loved ones so they receive all of the support they need during their challenging experience. I am truly honored to join the WinGate team, and to begin this new chapter of my Journey. I have great respect for anyone who chooses this work, and for the families who entrust their loved ones to our care."