Expanse Wilderness is located in Kanab, UT. Currently, this is our only facility located in Utah. Therefore, young adults from Bluffdale, who wish to enroll in our wilderness program, won't be required to travel outside of Utah.

Wilderness Therapy Programs for Young Adults Bluffdale, UT - Expanse Wilderness is a leading wilderness therapy program for young adults from Bluffdale, UT, who may be dealing with substance abuse, behavioral problems, or mental health issues.

Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults Bluffdale, UT

Expanse Wilderness is one of the nation's leading programs offering wilderness therapy for young adults from Bluffdale, UT, providing highly individualized treatment plans designed to guide struggling young adult men and women from the Bluffdale, UT area. We do this through a unique and individualized process of transformation from a number of perplexing issues, including alcohol abuse (dependency) or drug abuse (prescription/otc).

It is common for intervening relatives of at-risk young adults to seek residential treatment centers that are within their particular geographical region; however, there is a good chance that wilderness therapy for young adults from Bluffdale, UT may be located outside the Bluffdale, UT area. Leading programs, like Expanse, do accept out-of-state young adult participants into their program.

Being able to enroll a emotionally challenged emerging adult into one of the nation's premier wilderness therapy programs means that they will have access to the resources that are essential to their restoration from conditions that include behavioral problems, motivational issues, drug abuse (prescription/otc) or alcohol abuse (dependency).

At Expanse, we place emphasis on providing our adult wilderness clients an effective, individualized program that will be focused on engaging the specific issues with which they are struggling. A wealth of data and research is available to underwrite the suggestion that wilderness therapy is among the most effective treatment modalities available to struggling emerging adults from Bluffdale, UT.

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One of the most important elements of outdoor wilderness programs for adults is the fact that it is highly adaptable, meaning that it can be customized to engage any of a number of issues with which at-risk young adult men and women struggle. According to a report by the CRC Health Group, most emotionally challenged young adults who attend accredited wilderness treatment centers will experience significant progress in a relatively short period of time.

One of the key elements associated with wilderness therapy that makes it stand out from other programs is the fact that many of the distractions that are everyday in traditional environments, such as media devices and smartphones are not allowed, meaning that program young adult participants have less trouble remaining focused on what matters.

Our Expanse Wilderness admissions counselors are available to guide the families of struggling emerging adults from Bluffdale, UT choose the treatment program that will be best for their situation. Call (800) 685-3059 today.

 Wilderness Therapy for Young Adults Bluffdale, UT Expanse Wilderness is one of the nation's leading programs offering wilderness therapy for young adults from Bluffdale, UT, providing highly..

Wilderness Programs for Young Adults from Bluffdale, UT

Wilderness programs for young adults from Bluffdale, UT, such as the one offered at Expanse Wilderness, are becoming more mainstream as intervening relatives and at-risk young adult men and women become more aware of the multifarious benefits associated with this type of therapy.

Wilderness therapy has been proven to produce great strides in the transformation process for young adults who are coping with a number of different problematic issues including sexual promiscuity, lack of motivation, or alcohol abuse (dependency). At Expanse, we offer highly comprehensive and individualized programs that are focused on engaging the problem that our emotionally challenged adult wilderness clients face.

While wilderness programs for young adults are still considered to be a non-conventional treatment modality, there is substantial evidence that suggests that this type of treatment is highly efficacious in achieving positive results in the treatment of many of the enigmatic issues that struggling adults face. According to the American Psychological Association, despite being considered an out-of-the-box treatment methodology, wilderness therapy has been studied and monitored intensively to ensure that its benefits can be measured and duplicated.

Wilderness Therapy Has a High Success Rate

At Expanse, we offer programs that exploit the capacity of a natural environment to elevate the level of attention that is given to the elements of the program by the young adult participants. There are numerous studies that reveal that natural environments facilitate the development of a greater capacity to pay attention, which subsequently leads to practical results that are achieved in a more expeditious manner.

Due to the fact that any traditional inpatient rehabilitation center relies heavily on the participation and attention of its adult wilderness clients, wilderness therapy has a high success rate, due to its capacity for enhancing the ability of young adult participants to effectively engage the activities of the program.

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A Therapeutic Wilderness Program

When families of at-risk emerging adults are considering viable treatment options in the Bluffdale, UT area, it can be easy to overlook a therapeutic wilderness program, being that it is still considered a non-traditional therapeutic solution. However, there is an exceptional amount of data available that suggests that therapeutic wilderness programs have an immensely high success rate for treating young adult men and women who are coping with a number of problematic issues, including family conflict, grief and loss or drug abuse (prescription/otc).

At Expanse Wilderness, we offer treatment modalities that are need-centered and comprehensive, such as Brainspotting therapy and Life-coaching. The idea is to provide the adult wilderness clients of the program with the resources and help that is necessary to effectively overcome their struggles.

The Success of Wilderness Therapy

With a multitude of benefits to underwrite its effectiveness, wilderness therapy is rapidly becoming a program of choice, as intervening relatives search for more efficacious methods of treating their emotionally challenged young adults. One of the most prevalent contributing factors to the success of wilderness therapy is the comprehensive nature of the program.

An excellent outdoor wilderness program will include Life-coaching, Brainspotting therapy, group sessions, journaling and more, with each of these elements of treatment providing an immeasurable level of guidance to the overall restoration progress for the young adult participant.

According to Addictions.com, wilderness therapy offers an environment in which adult wilderness clients will be able to develop a clear understanding of social and personal responsibility, which is an essential element in the process of growth and improvement.

Another component of the program that provides a powerful and unique benefit is the experience that the program offers. While emerging adults engage their struggles, they are immersed in the beauty and tranquility of nature, which can be serene and calming.

It has been proven that being exposed to the elements of nature can have a very calming effect, and wilderness therapy exploits this advantage to the fullest. Loved ones from Bluffdale, UT should give serious consideration to wilderness therapy as a viable treatment option for their struggling young adult man or woman.

Our family specialists at Expanse Wilderness are available to guide the families of at-risk young adult men and women to find the ideal treatment program for their particular situation. Call (800) 685-3059 today!