Expanse Wilderness is located in Kanab, UT, and currently does not have a facility located in Wisconsin. Students from Wisconsin, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah.

Programs for Struggling Young Adults Wisconsin - As one of the top-notch therapeutic programs for young adults from Wisconsin, Expanse Wilderness helps young adults who may be battling trials related to their mental or emotional health.

Therapeutic Programs for Young Adults Wisconsin

As one of the top-notch therapeutic programs for young adults from Wisconsin, Expanse Wilderness helps young adults who may be battling trials related to their mental or emotional health, such as sex addiction (pornography), drug addiction (dependency), general anxiety, low self-esteem, and more. Although Expanse Wilderness may be located outside of Wisconsin, we accept emerging adults from all over the United States.

When a young adult man or woman enters a wilderness, therapeutic program for young adults, they are leaving their unhealthy environment behind for a remote setting that allows them to focus on their current obstacles. Without distractions and negative influences, they can restore and gain insight into their past behaviors. During this time, they are able to develop the skills necessary to begin making better decisions in the future.

Wilderness therapy incorporates several types of therapy, including Group therapy, Trauma informed treatment, and Alliance-based therapy, that come together to help struggling young adult men and women from Wisconsin develop the confidence and life skills they need to return home and continue on a better path. Young adult men and women battling sex addiction (pornography) or drug addiction (dependency) are also introduced to the relapse prevention skills that assist with maintaining their sobriety after returning home.

A three-year study found that young adults who attend therapeutic programs for young adults have a significant rehabilitation from their dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors, while also significantly enhancing their life effectiveness. This is due in large part to the natural and restorative environment, as well as the group milieu, that helps shift their world views while offering innumerable opportunities for learning and growth.

Our expert intake counselors are available to help the supporting family members of troubled emerging adults from Wisconsin. Call (800) 685-3059 today!

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Expanse Wilderness, through their parent company WinGate Wilderness Therapy, also helps adolescents, ages 13-17. For more information, please visit the WinGate Wilderness Therapy program for youth website, or call them at (800) 560-1599.

Young Adult Transition Programs

Expanse Wilderness is considered one of the nation's superior young adult transition programs, that delivers emotionally challenged young adult men and women from Wisconsin with the treatment they need to become healthy and balanced adults with a desire to succeed. From young adults battling substance abuse to under-achievement or social anxiety, we have a proven track record for life changing results.

In our remote setting, our adult wilderness participants can develop the life skills they need to return home as productive adults, while also focusing on the trials that have brought them here. The wilderness offers a challenging, yet nurturing environment in which our young adult students learn what is inside and outside of their control, as well as how to effectively tackle unexpected situations.

Using a unique combination of group, individual, and experiential therapy, they learn through our young adult transition programs to look inside themselves to discover the person they truly are.

Therapeutic Programs for Young Adults WisconsinAs one of the top-notch therapeutic programs for young adults from Wisconsin, Expanse Wilderness helps young adults who may be battling trials related..

Life Skills for Young Adults from Wisconsin

Studies have shown that wilderness therapy can be more powerful and create a faster recovery than the types of therapy offered at a traditional inpatient treatment center. Away from distractions of any kind, the adult wilderness participants at Expanse Wilderness are only focused on healing. This is why wilderness therapy often works for young adults who have completed treatment in the past without long lasting results, as well as those who are resistant to treatment or deny they have a problem.

As a proud member of the National Association of Schools and Therapeutic Programs (NATSAP), Expanse Wilderness delivers only the best options for rehabilitation and life skills training for struggling emerging adults.

Programs for Young Adults with No Direction

Offering effective programs for young adults with no direction, Expanse Wilderness offers our troubled young adult students with the therapy they need to restore from their common obstacles that are affecting their happiness and success. Research has found that there are more benefits to attending a wilderness rehab center far from home, especially for young adult men and women battling drug addiction (dependency) and/or sex addiction (pornography).

Wilderness therapy requires emotionally challenged adults to leave behind their unhealthy environment and influences and enter a serene and healing setting that is entirely devoid of any distractions, including TV, radio, and phones. This allows the young adult to focus solely on why they are here and working to overcome their trials. In our small groups, the adult wilderness participants engage in therapy, while also developing their independent living skills.

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The Benefits of Wilderness Therapy

It is a current misconception that struggling young adults who attend therapeutic outdoor rehab programs are being punished. They are not. Instead, they are offered a remedying environment that is conducive to recovery and delivers 24/7 treatment as one of the key benefits of wilderness therapy.

When emerging adults are placed in a difficult situation, it offers them with the opportunity to work through their obstacles and become the adult they want to be. They learn responsibility, self-reliance, leadership, and the importance of teamwork, while also enhancing their confidence. These are all things that are necessary for long-term rehabilitation.

At Expanse Wilderness, our admissions specialists are available to provide direction and support to the supporters of troubled young adult men and women in Wisconsin. Call (800) 685-3059 today!

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