Expanse Wilderness is located in Kanab, UT, and currently does not have a facility located in Albuquerque, NM. Students from Albuquerque, who wish to enroll in our program, will be required to travel and temporarily relocate to Utah.

Group Homes for Young Adults Albuquerque, NM - Expanse Wilderness is one of the top-notch programs for struggling young adults from Albuquerque, NM, helping young adults with rehabilitation from sex addiction (pornography) or drug addiction (dependency).

Group Homes for Young Adults Albuquerque, NM

Expanse Wilderness is a top-notch wilderness rehab center, providing life skills training, substance abuse recovery, and mental health treatment for struggling young adults from the Albuquerque, NM area. During their stay at Expanse Wilderness, our adult wilderness participants turn over a new leaf in life, and begin a new path to a life of sobriety and peace. Although Expanse Wilderness may be located outside the area of Albuquerque, NM, we accept into our program emerging adults from all over the country.

Historically, the term "Group Home" referred to shelters where house residents possessed some mental or physical handicaps. Today, the term "Group Home" is often used as a general term for "inpatient treatment centers" or "long-term residential treatment centers." Expanse Wilderness is one such inpatient treatment center and long-term residential treatment center, being a therapeutic outdoor rehab program for emotionally challenged young adult men and women. During their stay in our program, young adult students alternatively learn the skills for sobriety and acquire healthy ways to tackle negative influences.

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Wilderness Therapy: The Best Alternative to Group Homes

At Expanse Wilderness, we believe that wilderness therapy is an effective form of treatment, based on the philosophies of the Arbinger Institute, we put into practice established therapeutic practices, and combine them with a wilderness environment that is healing in of itself. In fact, multiple studies have been done that prove nature improves physical and mental ailments and afflictions. By providing therapy and counseling in a wilderness setting, the programs offered through Expanse Wilderness are more effective than those offered by conventional therapy settings.

Additionally, wilderness therapy helps even the most resistant young adults from the Albuquerque, NM area, to become open to treatment. It also helps those struggling with denial about their substance abuse to become aware of their addiction and willing to accept help. Furthermore, it supports those battling depression and anxiety, offering them with lasting peace and serenity.

Our intake counselors at Expanse Wilderness are available to help and coach supporters of troubled emerging adults. If you are ready to pave the path of rehabilitation for your loved one, call (800) 685-3059 today!

 Group Homes for Young Adults Albuquerque, NM Expanse Wilderness is a top-notch wilderness rehab center, providing life skills training, substance abuse recovery, and mental health treatment for..

Independent Group Home Living

Expanse Wilderness is a superior wilderness therapy program, as well as an affiliated member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs. We provide Group therapy and Trauma informed treatment for emotionally challenged young adult men and women from the Albuquerque, NM area, who may be battling sex addiction (pornography), general anxiety, under-achievement, or other behavioral afflictions. Expanse Wilderness is the optimal alternative to group homes for young adults, with proven treatment philosophies and successful experiences with youth rehabilitation and recovery.

While some people may feel that therapeutic programs segregated by gender are the optimal choice, they may be misinformed. With single-sex programs and schools, there is a lack of educational focus, greater inequality between the genders, an increase in gender stereotypes, and more.

Co-ed environments, on the other hand, provide opportunities to build interpersonal relationships with members of the opposite sex in a healthy, productive manner. Gender stereotypes are nullified as both sexes work together on treatment and activities related to their recovery. In fact, 62% of students at co-ed schools feel they can participate in many activities with both same sex or opposite sex partners. This prepares them for the real world, and for their place in the workforce.

Benefits of a Natural Therapy Setting

Additionally, the wilderness setting for the therapeutic program delivers the epitome of experiential treatment, happening 24 hours each day, and blended with traditional individual and group therapy sessions. This offers a stark difference from traditional settings, and delivers greater opportunities for observation and intervention without the constant distractions afforded by traditional settings.

Studies have shown that natural settings result in a higher capacity for paying attention, which means the treatment will be far more effective than it would in an indoor environment. Our adult wilderness participants are less distracted in a natural environment, and have the added benefit of nature being proven to have significant mental and physical health benefits.

Wilderness behavioral health program

Expanse Wilderness is one of the top-notch wilderness behavioral health programs in the U.S., and is designed to help struggling emerging adults who are battling drug addiction (dependency), low self-esteem, or social anxiety. As a result of the high success rates it has garnered, wilderness therapy is becoming an increasingly more popular treatment among psychologists and counselors, especially for young adult men and women who have already intimately known other treatment and recovery programs without much success.

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About wilderness rehab centers

We now know that wilderness rehab centers have a considerable impact on emotionally challenged young adults, since they require the young adult student to be taken out of their comfort zone and placed in the distraction-free serenity of nature. Once the adult wilderness participants are adequately assessed by the counselors, the natural setting and the tailored therapy programs provided are a catalyst for growth.

The setting allows psychologists to work in fun and non-pathologizing ways, which means the young adult students are likely to pay more attention. Furthermore, nature is devoid of the daily distractions offered by traditional settings. This means defensive barriers are broken down, and emerging adults work their way through an avoidance stage, a learning phase, and a self-growth and self-efficacy stage. This allows for effective treatment, therapy, and recovery.

While under 24 supervision, our adult wilderness participants learn the importance of responsibility and self-efficacy while also participating in adventure programs and outdoor activities. This experiential therapy helps them to develop positive relationships, builds trust, and helps them to learn the life skills needed to succeed in a life of sobriety and healthy thinking. Simply put, wilderness therapy is life-changing.

At Expanse Wilderness, our admissions specialists are always available to help and coach any supporting family members with the next critical step. Call (800) 685-3059 today!