Kyle Tolman
Kyle Tolman

Medical Director

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A Utah-native, Kyle has spent his whole life in the wilderness, exploring the desert. If he didn't go exploring with his grandfather, Kyle would bring his dog on his adventures. Curiosity and learning have always been a passion for Kyle, especially when he could have fun doing so. In the Boy Scout, he kept earning his "fun" merit badges multiple times and never received his Eagle award. Keeping to his roots, Kyle then joined the Utah national guard and would spend most of his time off-road driving and learning to cook. It wasn't until he started at Aspen Achievement Academy in 1992 that he knew he had found his calling.

Kyle has worked for wilderness therapy programs since and can proudly claim more than 2000 trail days to his name. Exploring different jobs within the programs, Kyle has previous experience in transport, logistics, education and in the administrative departments. In 2006 he took his EMT certification, adding to that wilderness and rural medicine which makes him very knowledgeable in the medical field.

When Kyle is not working at Wingate, he volunteers for the local ambulance service, read and listen to multiple books, and loves to learn and at times put what he learns into little projects. Kyle is happily married, and the proud father of three adult kids.